Whispering Woods Resort Improves Responsiveness to Guest Requests using eMaint

Customer Since: 2007 | Industry: Property Management

Whispering Woods Resort is a 74-unit vacation ownership resort located on 10 acres in Welches, Oregon. The Whispering Woods team needed a way to manage requests from guests and resort staff, and keep track of backlogs. After implementing eMaint, the resort was benefited in a variety of ways. These included a 20% improvement in productivity and response time to requests, the ability to keep up with expanding maintenance and housekeeping needs. Whispering Woods is are now working towards using eMaint in other unique ways.

  • Saw 20% Improvement In Productivity & Response Time

  • Produce Periodic Expense Reports For Associations & Board Members

  • Allocate Maintenance Expenses To Appropriate Cost Center for Tracking


Whispering Woods Resort is located on 10 acres in the town of Welches in Oregon’s majestic Mt. Hood Territory. Development began in 1981 and Whispering Woods has evolved into what is now a 74-unit vacation ownership resort with 10 traditional whole ownership condominiums plus a clubhouse, pool and playground. Vacation Resorts International (VRI), the nation’s largest independent timeshare management company, has provided management services to Whispering Woods since 1996.


Pat Easterbrooks, General Manager, oversees the operation which includes housekeeping and a maintenance staff of three full time employees. Whispering Woods is comprised of rental units, timeshare and single owner condominiums, each of which is governed by a different association with its own budget. While condos only have exterior maintenance needs, timeshares have interior maintenance needs, along with the clubhouse pool, hot tub and a playground that need to be maintained. Pat and his team needed a way to manage requests from guests and resort staff, keep track of backlogs and what’s been completed and allocate costs to the appropriate budget.


Pat purchased eMaint CMMS in 2007 after realizing that the prior CMMS they had purchased was too cumbersome to meet their needs. Work orders are initiated in the system in response to guest requests or as a result of room inspections. The director of operations also enters work orders into eMaint CMMS and codes them for the various expense categories. This allows the team to produce reports for the board showing maintenance expenses incurred for each entity. The maintenance team uses eMaint to monitor recurring maintenance requests to determine if replacement of an asset is warranted. Over 50 work orders are produced each week and allocated across 12 different charge codes. eMaint is also a management tool used to track work performed and time to complete the work so productivity can be measured. Pat meets with his maintenance team to make sure that requests are fulfilled promptly, ensuring the highest level of guest satisfaction.


  • 20% improvement in productivity and response time to requests
  • Ability to keep up with expanding maintenance and housekeeping needs
  • Reports show maintenance backlog and upcoming work to be performed
  • Maintenance expenses are allocated to the appropriate cost center for budget tracking
  • Periodic status and expense reports produced for each association and board members
  • Working toward using eMaint for housekeeping inventory

“eMaint has improved our ability to make sure all guest requests are completed, units are being properly maintained and costs are allocated to the correct association – all in one easy to use system. “

Pat E., General Manager, Whispering Woods Resort