Wesley Enhanced Living Triples Productivity Using eMaint CMMS

Customer Since: 2006 | Industry: Property Management

Wesley Enhanced Living (WEL) is comprised of eight Philadelphia area continuing care retirement facilities. Before WEL discovered eMaint, work orders and requests were hand-written. Knowing they needed to implement a more effective system, WEL chose eMaint. Features such as the reporting feature made it easy to notice recurring problems, and increased accountability and standardization resulted in a reduction in average completion time on tenant requests from 1.5 hours to .5 hours.

  • Justified Staffing Additions By Tracking Labor & Request Volume

  • Improved Customer Service Through Email Status Updates

  • Standardized Work Procedures With Reports Generated for Corporate


Wesley Enhanced Living (WEL) continuing care retirement communities are comprised of eight facilities in the Philadelphia area with over 1,200 residents. The Burholme, Pennsylvania location is responsible for three facilities providing independent living, personal care and nursing services. Dennis McElhare, Director of Facilities, and his staff of nine technicians are responsible for security, maintenance, housekeeping, tenant requests, and complying with both regulatory and corporate standards.


Prior to implementing eMaint, work orders and work requests were hand-written with no accountability or set standards. Dennis knew he needed to more effectively manage work requests from tenants in order to improve turnaround and completion time and reduce status calls to the front desk. He also needed to provide monthly reports to corporate consistent with the other properties to demonstrate work performed and average time to complete each task. Inspections by the Department of Health and Department of Public welfare required documented proof of work performed on HVAC, heating units, plumbing and other maintenance to demonstrate compliance with regulations.


eMaint CMMS was chosen based upon the overall ease-of-use as well as the success achieved with eMaint at other Wesley locations. Dennis utilized the data import feature which allowed him to enter equipment for all the buildings within an hour. He immediately began tracking work orders and requests from residents and assigning them based upon priority. Dennis utilizes project tracking for “re-occupancy” activities which include painting, patching, carpet cleaning and small renovations.


WEL was able to track time spent by each technician as well as the volume of requests to justify staffing requirements to corporate. The easy-to-use reporting feature allows Wesley to spot recurring problems, get to the root cause and correct them proactively. Accountability and standardization resulted in a reduction in average completion time on tenant requests from 1.5 hours to .5 hours.


  • System enables completion of three times the volume of work orders in one third the time.
  • Improved customer service to residents through email status updates on work requests and shorter turnaround time, reducing status calls.
  • Mobile technology allows for on-the-go work order approvals and parts look-ups.
  • Reports generated for corporate facilitates standardized work procedures and response times
  • Time tracking improved labor productivity and supports staffing decisions

” eMaint CMMS has allowed us to complete three times the volume of work orders in one third of the time within months of implementing the system.”

Dennis M., Director of Facilities, Wesley Enhanced Living