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Importance of CMMS Training

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The Secret Ingredients of Effective CMMS Training

In order to effectively utilize a Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) solution, training is vital to success. Maintenance professionals, who are often responsible for executing complex procedures and operating heavy machinery, know the importance of training better than anyone.

Research shows that companies with a CMMS solution only actively use 10-20% of a system’s functionality, which only scratches the surface of the possible improvements and benefits of a CMMS. In addition, the failure rate of CMMS implementation projects is at 60-80%.

All of this data led providers such as eMaint to make it their mission to provide clients of all shapes, sizes and budgets with a breadth of different training resources to facilitate success. From initial implementation guidance to ongoing in-person and online training options, a CMMS provider should partner with a client throughout the life of their CMMS usage. Users who have attended eMaint training report an immediate return on investment. By attending CMMS software training, users:

  • Learn to perform functions correctly, eliminating time-consuming trial and error
  • Minimize time spent reaching out to eMaint support with questions
  • Gain tips and tricks on how to be more productive and efficient
  • Learn best practices to optimize processes such as compliance and Return on Investment through consultations with maintenance professionals
  • Learn the latest updates and enhancements within the system
  • Ultimately save time spent in the system to allow for completion of other tasks

What Goes into Great CMMS Training?

One key differentiator between a good CMMS provider and a great provider is the ideological approach behind training. With a provider’s training options, it is vital to consider the needs, wants and desires of their audience. What range of options do they provide, and are they available on demand? For example:

  • What are some of the options and platforms for learning? Do they offer online trainings that you can watch live, or go back to when you have more time?
  • For those who are visual, tactile or auditory learners, how does the provider leverage their resources to give the user freedom to learn in their own way, at their own pace?
  • Are training sessions interactive, measurable, and ongoing?
  • Do you have to adhere to the provider’s schedule and location, or will they come to you?
  • When you engage in training, does it pique your interest? Do you want to go back and learn more?
  • Can you train on the CMMS solution across a variety of devices?

eMaint’s “Service on 11” Training Approach