Streamline Maintenance Processes, Maximise Fulfillment and Minimise Downtime

Many Warehouse & Distribution Centers handle everything in-house, from the maintenance of forklifts, conveyors and other facility equipment to work order and inventory management. These tasks take a lot of extra time to make sure everything is working correctly and efficiently. With all of that work, trying to track trends, schedule maintenance and manage work orders is impossible ‒ especially with an ineffective maintenance management programme in place. Warehouses and distribution centers worldwide are using eMaint to streamline their maintenance processes in order to maximise fulfillment and minimise downtime. With eMaint CMMS, tracking preventive maintenance, documenting work history and managing parts will just become a part of your daily work routine. Features such as the customisable automated reports give you the ability to stay up-to-date on all maintenance being performed within your warehouse or distribution center, and be prepared for inspections with automated reminders.
Overall Equipment Effectiveness
by generating calendar and/or meter-based preventive maintenance tasks for each asset.
Part and Equipment Availability
within your facility by tracking parts usage, and associating parts with assets.
Regulatory Compliance
for OSHA, PSM, RMP and more by tracking history, documenting procedures, attaching safety documents to records, and more.

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“eMaint CMMS provides automated reminders of upcoming inspections, Safety Team Meetings and the documentation needed to comply with OSHA Process Safety Management Regulations”.

Doug Lillie | Burris Logistics

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